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Advertising Multimedia Display

Advertising Multimedia Display to make your advertising content visible for mass customer.

Advertising Multimedia Display is brand-new product in advertising technologies. The system is based on LCD displays with LED highlighting. Brilliant contrast mixed with high quality of picture will make anyone interested in. Repeated researches show that using equipment for outside advertising and dynamic picture are much more effective than static pictures. Therefore, is mostly used LED advertising, which has high brightness and contrast, stability in any weather conditions. Comparing with other systems, which are the most profitable for using in the nighttime or inside of buildings with no direct light, LED screens are oriented to work under the sun. Advantage of multimedia module comparing with other advertising screens is that screen is situated on the human’s eyes level. Moreover, the installation process of advertising module is very easy, you need just to put the screen into the right place and turn it to electricity 220V. They are used in advertising, decoration of concert halls, stadiums, hotel halls, banks, auto dealers, shops and TV studies.  SMD screens with media players inside are used to represent advertising content: video, advertisements, sales and services. The system of non-stop playlist turns on the videos automatically in case of temporary turned off electricity. Advertising content consists of one or few video files (AVI/MPG/DVD), recorded on the flash memory card. When the playlist is over, it’s being automatically started once again. Can be represented both static and dynamic content.  Advertising LED is used also for indoor video in the airports, railway stations, entertainment complexes, commercial and private organizations.  The screens show passengers information, news, score in sport events. Such advertising is technology of future and the most effective for shopping malls.  Send us e-mail to find out about our proposals.

Product Description

Enseigne Lumineuse LED de façade commerce externe sur mesure LED piquee


DIMENSION: au choix

COULEUR: verte ou rouge ou bleu ou blanche ou jaune ou multi-couleur

Devis sous 24h


D’autres dimensions sont disponibles interne et externe, mono-couleur et multi-couleurs.


Très haute luminosité 7500 mcd, visible même en plein soleil

Très faible consommation d’énergie

Animations: fixe, clignotant, remplissage progressif

Télécommande: marche/arrêt/choix animation

Angle de vue 160°

Durée de vie LED 100 000H, origine: Japon

Certificat de qualité ISO 9001 ISO 2009, CE ROHS



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