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Outdoor LED Moving Display Meilleur Prix

Start making proposals to your customers right from the street! Scroll any attractive text you wish!

HMG sales a lot of advertising outdoor led displays for different purposes and needs. Most of our clients are using outdoor LED display to advertise their products or social services. It’s very effective course you can broadcast any visual information in any weather. Our outdoor Led screens have IP65 waterproof protection and tasted up to – 40 degrees. The main task of LED screens is a public report (branding, social, background) and promotional information to the general audience. Today it the main trend of of the industry, companies that want to attract attention of consumers, are increasingly turning advertising on LED screens to display dynamic information even on the direct solar illumination. There are designs of LED screens that allow you to use them as decorative lighting on curved surfaces, for example, in the cafes, on facades of buildings or concert events. Special software programs Outdoor display and it works with OS Windows. The loader allows you to create and upload advertising messages to display scrolling text, edit your message by selecting the appropriate fonts, select speed of the information to customize the visual effects. If you want to buy an outdoor LED moving display and have some difficulty in choosing model, please contact us by phone or send us e-mail.

Product Description

Enseigne Lumineuse LED: Journal lumineux défilant programmable interne mono-couleur 1 face à LED


Journal lumineux interne & Externe à LED garantie 2 ans

DIMENSION : 100x20cm

D’autres dimension disponible aussi sur mesure

COULEUR: Rouge ou bleu ou vert ou blanc

PRIX UNITAIRE Sans Réduction: 540

PRIX avec Réduction: 270


Dimensions et Prix:

20x100cm = 270 Euro

20x132cm = 340Euro

20x164cm = 450 Euro

36x100cm = 450 Euro

36x132cm = 560Euro

36x164cm = 680Euro

33x120cm couleur = 780 Euro

28x100cm couleur P6 = 920 Euro


D’autres dimensions sont disponibles interne et externe, mono-couleur et multi-couleurs.


Très haute luminosité 7500 mcd, visible même en plein soleil

Très faible consommation d’énergie

Animations: fixe, clignotant, remplissage progressif

Télécommande: marche/arrêt/choix animation

Angle de vue 160°

Durée de vie LED 100 000H, origine: Japon

Certificat de qualité ISO 9001 ISO 2009, CE ROHS



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