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Indoor LED display for advertising and entreating goals

Hannouf Media Group offers a full range of advanced Indoor LED screens for different brunches of business. Our LED board can be integrated with different real time data sources to broadcast visual content online to capture your audience attention. Led panels are perfect for use in shopping malls, to advertise and announce directly to you customers, it’s the most effective way to make a visual demonstration to preset your products. HMG LED video wall supply camera crew for live video feed to help you communicate with employees or to join the international video conference. HMG led board is an irreproachable solution to create an interactive communication and advertising spirit inside your business area,  or to entertain you audience by broadcasting sport or other events.

Led board is multifunctional, our displays creates different advertising and entreating effects. We can solve all your multimedia technology needs.  We believe you are searching for a LED display or a video wall – congratulations, you have already found the right place. To make sure and find out more about models and sizes of Hannouf Media Group Led display boards, contact us by e-mail or give us a phone call.

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