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Indoor LED Moving Display – low coast scrolling advertisement

HMG led moving display. We sail thousands of led scrolling displays directly to the customers. According to our massive sales volume we are able to offer lowest prices for our quality displays. Indoor Led moving display is a good and a low cost way to place commercial information inside different organization. Nowadays we can find them all around the city informing us about hot deals, sales discounts and customer services or theatre performances. Our scrolling display broadcasts text information in any language with changeable speed. Advertising text information can be easily changed by programming a microcontroller. Scrolling led display is very good seen and it’s a great eye-catching instrument, using such a tool will pull new clients into your business.  By purchasing such a sample text screen, you can be sure of its practicality and reliability. Additional Software LED running lines will help you to monitor and timely update the information provided on the media, add special effects.

If you want to get expert advice and buy an indoor LED moving display, it will be enough to call the phone numbers listed on our website and our experts will help you make the right choice.

Описание товара

Journal lumineux interne & Externe à LED garantie 2 ans
DIMENSION : 100x20cm
COULEUR: Rouge ou bleu ou vert ou blanc
PRIX UNITAIRE Sans Réduction: 540
PRIX avec Réduction: 270

Dimensions et Prix:
20x100cm = 270Euro
20x132cm = 340Euro
20x164cm = 450Euro
36x100cm = 450Euro
36x132cm = 560Euro
36x164cm = 680Euro
33x120cm couleur = 780Euro
28x100cm couleur P6 = 920 Euro

D’autres dimensions sont disponibles interne et externe, mono-couleur et multicouleurs.

Très haute luminosité 7500mcd
Très faible consommation d’énergie
Texte programmable via Windows (logiciel fourni avec câble de programmation RS232 com)
60 animations: hauteur des caractères, épaisseur lettres, vitesse d’affichage, contour..
Fixe, clignotant, texte défilant
Durée de vie LED 100 000H, origine: Japon
Angle de vue 130°
Certificat de qualité ISO 9001 ISO 2009, CE ROHS — IP50
Alimentation 220V-AC

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