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Outdoor led screens – make media performance right on the streets, do an advertising multimedia show for the whole city!

LED screen is the most prestigious, efficient, forward-looking and high-tech advertising device that is widely used in outdoor advertising. It shows the widest range of advertising information: videos, slides, animations, text information and so on. And all this in the dynamics, bright, full color! According to research, the LED screens attract attention for more than 95% of people in whose sight they appear. It allows to maximize audience size and reach significantly increase of product sales.

LED outdoor screens are one of the most effective way to display information in the modern world, they are installed in the most crowded places¸ Very often they can be seen hanging over the roadway or highway, in city squares, railway stations, shopping malls. HMG outdoor screens combine all the main advantages of the existing visual advertising technologies: high brightness, high-quality light transmission, white balance, color, reliability, ability to build the screen of any size. HMG has lots of outdoor led display for show-business purposes. Each concert hall today is equipped with a LED outdoor screen to broadcast events taking place at the moment on stage or some other abstract picture. To calculate price for an outdoor LED screen, you can use the online form to send us a message or call the number listed on the site.

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