Soft LED Module Display Meilleur Prix


P10mm Flexible LED screen, is a NewFlex 2012 application, consisting of a recently patented, flexible LED screen made out of rubber. This product is made of ultra lightweight tiles, at 0.35kgs each, which renders it optimal for the LED rental industry, as well as economically feasible. Its practical magnetic structure makes it easy to mount for permanent or rental applications. The LED Flex P10mm is convenient for applications indoors, because of it’s brightness levels at 1500nits plus it’s refresh level of 2400Hz. It conveys brilliant video images that are also super-bright, and striking. This particular Flex module has a system that is compatible with DBstar and Linsn controllers.   Due to the frequent refresh cycle, images are much more realistic and visualization will not diminish through broadcasting.


  • Flexible – conforms to convex, concave and angled surfaces
  • Super-thin – only 10mm
  • Lightweight – 0.48kg/1.06lbs each, facilitates assembly and transportation
  • Low Heat emission – power supply may be situated max.20m from LED screen, maintaining low heat emissions and durability
  • Integrated Magnets – easily connection to metal frames and simple accessibility
  • Optional Orientation – displays may be arranged in portrait or landscape format
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