Terms and conditions

Controls and reassortment

All orders are considered final without reservation if there has been payment of deposit or simple signature confirming the order. We cannot guarantee the reassortment of sales and be responsible only to the extent of our possibilities or opportunities of the manufacturer.

Modifications and orders

All quantitative or qualitative changes become final order will be accepted only to the extent that it does not interfere with the manufacture or supply. It may if necessary, lead to an increase in fee-based price and determine a new delivery period.

Cancellation of orders

No cancellation, total or partial final order can only be accepted without the written consent from us. If agreed down payments remain acquired as damages, unless it were shown that the cancellation comes from our doing.


If, after provision of the goods delivery date was postponed by the buyer, the goods will be considered delivered on the date of availability. Invoicing will be made on that date. After making available the products stored in our warehouses will remain there one month at our expense. At the end of that period and after formal notice having to take delivery we shall be entitled:

— Either to charge the customer the cost of storage in our deposits.

— Or to put his goods in storage product and charge it to recipient’s risk.


Delivery dates that we always strive to meet without giving any time for information purposes; being dependent on suppliers. It is understood that late delivery cannot be a closed termination of this order.

Reserve Close and ownership

The seller reserves the right of ownership of goods delivered until full payment of all of the supplies at the end of this contract.

To be eligible to avail of the previous close, just the seller to make its formal will to have restored the goods by simple registered letter sent to the buyer. Nevertheless, it is clear that without application of the guarantee close below

-The buyer will be responsible for the goods free of his hands upon delivery equipment

-the transfer of possession entailing the transfer of risk.

The buyer must therefore take all measures and if necessary any insurance to compensate eventual destruction — of goods partially or totally regardless of its origin.



Our warranty is limited to 24 months from the date of delivery it can be applied only if the product was used after normal use under normal conditions. We disclaim any liability in the event that the goods would be subject to the influence of heat or excessive moisture; we obviously can implement this guarantee in the case of damage caused by foreign causes to intrinsic qualities of the product. Our warranty does not cover the consequences of normal wear of the product at the time of the claim. Similarly not covered by our warranties damages from incorrect assembly or assembly when the customer is responsible himself or instructed one third of this assembly or this assembly.


Payment is made in accordance to the time of order unless otherwise agreed; payment of the balance of the invoice must be paid at delivery. In the case of a partial delivery the buyer shall in addition to the deposit already paid, made the settlement of actually delivered goods and will in no way delay the regulation on the date of delivery of the balance of the order.


The buyer must check the goods upon delivery and must indicate on the delivery note, the reservations he intends to do about the condition of commodities.

Except in case of hidden defects, no claims will be accepted after receipt of goods by the purchaser if he has not mentioned on the delivery note.